What is Google 1st Page and it’s value for businesses?

What is Google 1st Page and it’s value for businesses? 

Why your business website have to be on the 1st page of Goole or Other Major Search Portols?

Google 1st Page is the right place from where you can get potential customers, more sales and more new business. Where you can be the leader in your industry. As 91Million searches are made on Google per day and 2,733Million searches are made on Google per month.

Now a days Google 1st Page is divided among Three Major Portion:
1. Paid Results (Sponsored Listings)
2. Map Results (LBL)
3. Organic Results (Natural Results-Free Listings)

Paid Results (Sponsored Listings):
It’s also known as pay per click, well it’s a good strategy to get instant results and it’s highly recommended to new customers who just had a new website and want instant traffic. So, they simply contact Google and provide them their keywords. Google will quote them the price for each keyword each click and will show their website on the 1st page of Google on top highlighted area or in right column.

Local Business Listings (Map Results):
According to proven statistics Local Business Listings cover 90% of the Local Online Traffic. That’s why it’s important for local businesses to get their website listed in LBL leaving your competitors behind to get potential clients. So, it’s very helpful for your clients they will easily find you and call you for your services as 95% people all over the globe they never pass the 1st page of Google. Map results only appear if a searcher specifies an area or city name where he wants to search something.

Organic Results:
Right beneath the local business listing bunch of 10 websites appear are known as organic results or natural results. These are the free listings appeared by Google depending upon the Quality of the website. According to Hubspot, 75% online users search for different businesses, products and services on 1st Page in LBL or in Organic Results. There you get long lasting positions and unlimited clicks.

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